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Thursdays at 7PM.

What is Voice of BC?

Voice of BC, Shaw TV’s weekly public affairs program, has been produced for the past 18 years. The program gives British Columbians the opportunity to hear from top politicians in B.C. and across Canada, as well as leaders in the academic and business communities, in a balanced and thoughtful forum.

Voice of BC is hosted by respected Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer. One of B.C.’s foremost political commentators, Palmer brings his unique style and perspective on B.C. politics to this series.       

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DID YOU KNOW that Voice of BC is on Facebook. Check out our page for upcoming shows and short video clips from each week’s show. 

DID YOU KNOW that Voice of BC now has it’s own U-Tube channel called Voice of BC Snapshots. Here you will find hundreds of short video clips on a large number of topics. These are a great way to invest 30-40 seconds on a topic or key political figure in BC politics, or a great learning tool for educators at both the K-12 and post secondary levels. 

Upcoming Shows
APR 10

Thursday, September 18 @ 7pm


Global TV’s Bureau Chief, Keith Baldrey and The Globe and Mail’s National Correspondent, Justine Hunter, take a look back and a look ahead at what is happening in BC’s political scene.

Thursday, September 25 @ 7pm


While the media and public tend to focus on the politics of the day, what about the big picture issues facing BC? Electoral reform, too much power in the premier’s office, BC’s tax system, and lack of political engagement.
Integrity BC’s Dermod Travis and Jamie Lawson from the Department of Political Science at the University of Victoria tackle some of these issues and how they impact British Columbians.