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Thursdays at 7PM.

What is Voice of BC?

Voice of BC, Shaw TV’s weekly public affairs program, has been produced for the past 19 years. The program gives British Columbians the opportunity to hear from top politicians in B.C. and across Canada, as well as leaders in the academic and business communities, in a balanced and thoughtful forum.

Voice of BC is hosted by respected Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer. One of B.C.’s foremost political commentators, Palmer brings his unique style and perspective on B.C. politics to this series.       

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DID YOU KNOW that Voice of BC is on Facebook. Check out our page for upcoming shows and short video clips from each week’s show. 

DID YOU KNOW that Voice of BC now has it’s own YouTube channel called 'Voice of BC Snapshots'. Here you will find hundreds of short video clips on a large number of topics. These are a great way to invest 30-40 seconds on a topic or key political figure in BC politics and a great learning tool for educators at both the K-12 and post secondary levels. 

Upcoming Shows

Thursday, March 5 @ 7pm

TransLink Plebiscite

The 'YES' and the 'NO' sides present their arguments for the upcoming TransLink plebiscite taking place over the next few months in the Lower Mainland.

Mayor Greg Moore will represent the 'YES' side with Jordan Bateman from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation representing the 'NO' side.

MAR 12

Thursday, March 12 @ 7pm

Energy, Mines & CORE Review

Bill Bennett, Minister of Energy Mines & CORE Review joins Vaughn Palmer to discuss what has been transpiring in his ministry over the past few months. Topics include Site 'C', Mount Polley Mine disaster and more!
MAR 19

Thursday, March 19 @ 7pm

NDP Point of View

Carole James, NDP Finance Critic is joined by George Heyman, Green Energy, Technology & TransLink Critic to give their party's point of view on issues related to their critic portfolios.
MAR 26

Thursday, March 26 @ 7pm

First Nations Chiefs

Grand Chiefs Ed John and Stewart Phillip delve into issues affecting British Columbia's vast First Nations population.