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Paul B

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Video Journalist

A lady stopped Paul on the street the other day and asked, "If this is what you do for work, what do you do for fun?" Exactly!
Paul's been having fun making memorable images most of his life. His journalistic career started in magazines, but, it was his love for the underwater world that plunged him into video. He's a graduate of Hard Knocks, his skills as a video journalist crafted from over 20 years of experience, experimentation, self-study and countless workshops. Paul's a producer, camera operator, editor, but most of all, a storyteller. "Everyone has a story," he says, "it's up to me to help them find it, tell it and make it memorable."
He began as a volunteer with Shaw TV in 1997 under the guidance of Chris Weatherhead, whom Paul calls, "a great mentor and friend, a humble and very talented, career member of the Shaw Team". Paul's underwater stories gained him a job at Shaw where he worked tirelessly, honing his craft. During that time he freelanced with some of the best producers and broadcasters in the world, from CH News to the BBC. The hours were long, the travel, sometimes brutal, like the times he's travelled by sled across the Arctic Ocean to dive beneath the ice in search of whales and coral.
His passion for adventure took him and his wife to Bermuda where he worked as a manager for a production house. His most memorable shoot, spending his first day on the job with Catherine-Zeta Jones. Paul took a "sabbatical" when his daughter was born - "the hardest job I ever did," he says. But, eventually, Victoria beckoned the family home. Returning with two new kids in tow, Paul was reunited with Shaw TV, becoming a member of the go! Island Team. When Paul landed the job as video journalist he said, "I couldn't have asked for a better homecoming, being welcomed back to a job that I have loved the most of all. What a great team, what an opportunity!"
"A family; a house; a Harley; a job that's more fun than work - serving such a wonderful community, I'm the luckiest guy in the world," because he says, "life is finite - and there's no expiry date."


Favourite Movie: Empire of the Sun – a very moving story about a boy’s coming of age in a Japanese internment camp during WWII And tied for first is Planes, Trains and Automobiles – never have I laughed so much at the same movie – seen it a hundred times!
Favourite Book: Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury By no means a scifi rather a extremely well written story about a boy living during “the good old days” 
Can't live without: my wife, my kids, my motorcycle 
What makes South Vancouver Island great? Its history, heritage and the stunning surroundings that brings millions of people from around the world to see it and it’s my back yard!
Daphne Goode

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Daphne’s career in television production spans 35+ years. Her communications career began in radio, then tourism promotions, which led her to the technical side of television, where she thoroughly enjoyed working as a camera operator, editor and producer. Daphne is a graduate of the Banff School of Fine Arts Electronic and Film Media program. She started her on air work in the 1970’s and has worked in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Victoria. She is impressed by the people who shape positive change in Greater Victoria and The Cowichan Valley and is proud to tell their stories. A constant is giving a voice to local issues, particularly the arts and cultural community. Daphne has long represented Shaw as our Outreach and Community Relations coordinator, while also appearing on air. She is well known for a long-lived local television series, “Conversations”….among those interview highlights-legendary Canadian historians Pierre Berton and Peter C. Newman. Daphne has been recognized in our industry with the Canadian Cable Television Association Promotions Award.
Her vast commitment to volunteerism has earned her many awards including the YM/YWCA Women of Distinction Award, Honorary Citizen of Victoria, Intercultural Association of Greater Victoria Outstanding Leadership Award and the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities Long Service Award. Among Daphne’s television highlights-hosting interviews with notable politicians at our BC Legislative Bureau, hosting the BC Lions Society’s Timmy’s Telethon in Victoria for 25 years, travelling below the Strait of Georgia on an underwater training mission aboard the submarine HMCS Rainbow, and hosting a LIVE 6 hour transmission from the Royal BC Museum. The program included interviews with young BC students, oceanographers and divers at Race Rocks (the BC ecological reserve), and experts from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, USA, all presented live to BC audiences. Community is at the heart of Daphne’s work and she is more than proud to represent our community to Shaw TV viewers!



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Video Journalist

James brings you the best of urban life in the south island, with stories that focus on the character and characters in our urban landscape. His stories can sometimes focus on the un-seen, the places and people you might not normally get to hear about. He makes sense of our urban world with a unique and engaging style you won’t find anywhere else.
Born in South England, James' action-combo of charm, wit and street smarts do lend themselves well to his Urban style beat. He has a diploma in Broadcast and a post-grad certificate in Television News, both of which he acquired in Ontario. James is an award winning video journalist and is also a vocal artist for electronic music and takes part in local theatre as a hobby.


Favourite Movie: The Transporter - packed with action, seemingly parallel to my lifestyle! 
Favourite Book: I've been thinking about taking up reading again! 
Can't live without: Chicken legs. 
What makes South Vancouver Island great? The small communities surrounded by nature's beauty. I like how Victoria is charmingly British in it's cultural roots and rich in history with international draw.

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Video Journalist

Tyler made the move to west coast to pursue journalism and never looked back. After graduating with a Master’s degree in history from the University of Waterloo, Tyler shifted gears and decided to attend Langara College in Vancouver for journalism. Right away he found a love for video and broadcast. After completing the intense 8 month certificate program at Langara, Tyler got an internship with Shaw TV Vancouver. After a brief stint as an intern Tyler got hired to work on the show Dream Homes and soon landed a full-time position as a producer in Victoria.
In addition to being a video journalist, master control operator and producer, Tyler is a freelance writer and journalist. Tyler won the prestigious Jeani Read – Michael Mercer Fellowship while attending Langara which allowed him to work with The Vancouver Sun and produce a mini-series on the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder. 


Favourite Movie: Not a movie, but a mini-series called Band of Brothers. 
Favourite Book: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote and A Long Walk To Freedom by Nelson Mandela. 
Can't live without: Books and coffee. 
What makes South Vancouver Island great? It’s quiet in the winter and the food/beer scene is fantastic. 
Dan Kahan

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Video Journalist

Video journalist Dan Kahan searches for the answers to questions that most of us never even think about: Is it okay to have a crush on another man? Why are you allowing your off-leash dog with dirty paws to jump on me? If Oprah married Deepak Chopra would she take his last name?
Many television professionals begin their careers by pursuing a degree in journalism or communication college diploma. Not Dan. No, he chose the road less traveled. Dan decided if he was going to work in television, the best thing he could do is WATCH  television. And so he did, my friend, so he did. He became a student of the medium.  While other budding journalists were in class or at the library, Dan committed himself to his Laz-y-boy, studying the likes of David Letterman and Alan Alda. No sacrifice was too great for Dan Kahan to learn his craft. 
In 2004, Dan received the Canadian Cable Television Award for “Best On Camera Performance.” Dan has also been honoured with several Best of the Northwest Awards, including two in 2007 in the “Empowerment” and “Original Performance” categories. Dan and his son Dante love the south island lifestyle. 


Favourite Movie: Rocky 
Favourite Book: A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving 
Can't live without: My son, Dante 
What makes South Vancouver Island great? It’s a photographer’s paradise 

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Video Journalist

Being naturally curious, a career in broadcast journalism seemed to be the appropriate career path for Lisa. At a young age, she set her sights on becoming a reporter and is now grateful to say she scored her dream job, “…What started out as a dream slowly became a goal, then with much work and persistency it became a reality.” Lisa’s journey in broadcasting began in 2007 while completing NAIT’s Radio & Television program. She was hired at Edmonton’s radio station, 91.7 The Bounce where she reported on community events. From there she transitioned into television, where her positions built an expansive resume. Over the past 8 years, she has worked at City TV Edmonton, Global Edmonton and CTV Vancouver Island, earning the opportunity to polish her skills in production, writing, producing, editing and shooting.
Most recently, Lisa has joined our team as a reporter after receiving her Master’s in Professional Communication from Royal Roads University. She claims it was during graduate school she began to understand her unwavering curiosity and desire to engage with people, along with her impulse to generate a conversation with anyone within her proximity. She describes herself as a ‘biophilic’; a person who has a desire to connect with all living things and systems. Insisting it was this inclination that fueled her passion to better understand people in her community and hear their perspectives, “…With sharing stories, comes sharing knowledge which is enriching for a community – and I’m so happy I can be a part of it.” 


Favourite Movie: Stanley’s Kubrick’s, 2001: A Space Odyssey 
Favourite Book: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, The Great Gatsby. 
Can't live without: Sunscreen, Humour, Music, Candied Salmon (it’s a fierce addiction) and my amazing husband. 
What makes South Vancouver Island great? I always feel as if I am on a vacation, and who doesn’t like a permanent vacation? From the beautiful landscapes to the charming homes and vibrant culture—there is always something new and exciting to either try or explore! 
Vaughn Palmer

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Host - Voice of B.C.

Vaughn Palmer has been the Vancouver Sun columnist on BC politics, based in Victoria, since 1984.


As well as hosting Voice of B.C. on Shaw TV, he  is also a regular commmentator on provincial politics on radio station CKNW in Vancouver and on Canadian news on radio station KUOW in Seattle.