Calling Features

Calling Features

Dial into our calling features

Shaw Personal Home Phone makes it easy for you to design the way you stay in touch. Our easy-to-use calling features keep you talking.

Calling Features

  • Shaw to Shaw
    long distance calling◊

    Chat away. Call other Shaw Personal Home Phone customers for free◊-no matter where they are or what time of day it is.

  • Call Display

    See who's calling before you answer the phone. Call Display shows the name and number of incoming calls on a phone equipped with caller ID.

  • Call Forward

    Don`t miss a call. Have your calls forwarded to another phone number-whether it`s local, long distance or a cell.

  • 3-Way Calling

    Add a third person to your conversation and chat the night away.

  • Complimentary Directory

    It`s easy to find the number you`re looking for. You can use Complimentary Directory Assistance to get the information you need.

  • Busy Redial

    If you get a busy signal, let the network monitor the line and call you as soon as the line is free.

  • Enhanced 911

    Feel safe. When you call 911, your name and address are displayed to the emergency operator in your municipal emergency services response dispatch centre.

  • IP Relay

    With IP Relay, you use the Internet to make calls using a chat interface and a third-party operator. All you need is an Internet-connected PC or smart phone.

  • Do Not Disturb

    If you aren`t in the mood to talk, send all calls to a recording that says you don`t want to be disturbed.

  • Call Return

    Call the last number that called you-whether you answered the call or not.

  • Selective Call Blocking

    You can decided who can call you and who can`t. Use Selective Call Blocking to enter up to 32 specific numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls.

  • Anonymous Call Blocking

    You won`t be bothered by strange or unwelcome calls. Anonymous Call Blocking lets you reject calls from unidentified numbers.

  • Operator Assistance

    Get assistance from an operator with dialing your calls using Operator Assistance.

  • Phone Service

    Talk to all of your friends and family. Shaw Personal Home Phone keeps you in contact with our phone service.

  • 711 Message Relay

    711 is aimed at assisting hearing-impaired and/or speech-impaired individuals to communicate by phone using a specialized operator as an intermediary.

  • Simultaneous Ring

    If you are all over the place, get one number to ring at four different lines - cell, work, cabin... wherever!


Manage your Shaw
Personal Home Phone anywhere

Customize your phone features with the Shaw Phone Portal or download
the new Shaw Phone App.

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Your home alarm and Shaw

Have your Shaw Personal Home Phone connected to your
home alarm system. Our Shaw service installation
professionals will test the system to ensure signals are
transmitted successfully to your central monitoring station.

Home Security Partners

Shaw Communications has established partnerships with
several security providers in case your own provider is
unable to support our phone service. Each one can
assist in transitioning your current monitoring services so
your family feels safe and secure.

Security Affiliates

Shaw Security Affiliates




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