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International Calling Plans

As a Shaw Personal Home Phone customer, you'll feel closer than ever to faraway family and friends when you take advantage of our international calling plans.

North American Long Distance

Keep in touch without breaking the bank. Add a long distance plan for an even better deal on North American calling.

$ 5 00 /mo*
For 250 minutes
How to order
$ 10 00 /mo*
For 500 minutes
How to order
1000 Minutes International Long Distanceπ

This long distance calling plan is available exclusively to customers that subscribe to the Personal Home Phone + Features voice plan.

$ 5 00 /mo*
How to order
Asia Unlimited

Get unlimited calling to landline and mobile numbers in China, Hong Kong and Singapore, and to landline numbers in Taiwan.

$ 7 00 /mo*
How to order
India Unlimited

With our India Unlimited calling plan, you can make unlimited calls to landline and mobile numbers anywhere in India.

$ 10 00 /mo*
How to order

International Long Distance (ILD) rate calculator

Use Shaw’s helpful rate calculator to discover your ultra-low rate.

Included calling destinations in 1000 ILD minutes

Exclusions: N/A.

Dialing Code


$ 0.00 /min

Not included in 1000 ILD minutes


$ 0.00 /min

Not included in 1000 ILD minutes

Note: Personal Home Phone rates apply to Home Phone Basic and Home Phone Lite Phone Plans. Personal Phone + Features + ILD rates apply to Home Phone Full Plans.

Shaw has over 50 international calling destinations

How to order long distance plans

New customers

Voice plans requires a subscription to one or more Shaw services. Sign up for Internet, TV or both with a voice plan and then choose a long distance add-on for your plan.

Existing customers

To add on to your current voice plan, select Order now and complete an Order form for your request.

How to order 1000 Minutes International Long Distance

New customers

First select the Personal Home Phone + Features Voice Plan. You will then be able to add 1000 Minutes International Long Distance to your plan.

Existing customers

1000 Minutes International Long Distance is available exclusively to Personal Home Phone + Features customers. If you have an existing voice plan, proceed and a customer care representative will contact you to confirm your order.


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