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Internet 30

Super speed on multiple devices

For everyday streaming, downloading and staying connected on social media.

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    What You Get

    Enjoy complimentary access to thousands of Shaw Go Wifi More Arrow hotspots. Also included in your plan:

    Find information on Shaw's Traffic Management Policies.

    • Up to 30 Mbps download speed
    • Up to 5 Now 2x faster^^
      Mbps upload speed
    • 300 GB monthly transfer limit
    • Advanced WiFi modem rental∇
    • Access to Shaw Go WiFi
    • Register 8 Shaw Go WiFi devices
    • Shaw Webmail
    • 10 email addresses
    • McAfee Internet Security

    What does it all mean? Discover what Mbps means, how to set up your email and more! About Internet


    Shaw Go WiFi

    You can access the huge network of super-fast Shaw Go WiFi hotspots all over your city with a Shaw Internet package. Plus, you'll also receive the following as part of this Internet package

    • Connect in all your favourite places.
    • Log in once. Connect forever
    • Connect on multiple devices.
    About Shaw Go WiFi

    With Internet 30 you can...


    You can stream high-definition video, play games online, video chat, browse, get social online, and listen to music, all at the same time.

    slow down

    No need to wait for the Internet to catch up with your life again. You can even watch multiple high-definition videos at the same time, on different devices.

    Stream video

    With 300 GB of data you can watch up to 96 hours of video in high-definition.

    Upgrade and save on
    the latest HD Equipment

    Order TV and Internet with a 2-year ValuePlan^
    to qualify.

    Bundle & save

    Service Availability

    Currently there are no Shaw services available in your area

    Shaw Direct

    Shaw Direct 100% Digital Satellite Television is available.

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    Contact Us

    For assistance with services in your area, please contact us:

    support@shaw.ca (866) 718-8476

    Introducing Shaw Go WiFi

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    Connect in
    all your
    favourite places.

    Get Shaw Go WiFi at coffee shops, restaurants, theatres and more.

    Log in once.
    Connect forever.

    Once your device is registered, it will automatically connect whenever you are in a Shaw Go WiFi zone.

    Connect on
    multiple devices.

    You can connect to Shaw Go WiFi from your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or all of the above.

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