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6 p.m. weeknights in Metro Vancouver. For other areas, check your local Shaw TV listings.

It's time to feel The Rush, Vancouver's premier talk show and the voice of the community for more than 15 years.

The Rush features host Fiona Forbes conducting in-studio interviews with an array of trending newsmakers who matter to residents of Western Canada. Guests on The Rush hail from the worlds of entertainment, fashion, technology, food, travel, advocacy and beyond.

Tune into The Rush on Shaw, where it anchors the diverse lineup of programming offered by Shaw TV, and stay connected to us via Twitter and Facebook. You can also watch individual segments on our YouTube channel and for a real-time, behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Rush, check us out on YouTube Live beginning at 12 noon where you, the fans, can even suggest questions for our guests!

In-depth and interactive, The Rush is required viewing for those who believe that conversation is not a lost art and for those who have come to expect big, fun things from a program with a long history of reflecting a dynamic, multicultural region through its many personalities.

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Senior Producer: Sandra Murphy

Producers: Lisa MacFarlane, Ian MacKenzie, Reshaad Ali, Hans Ongsansoy, Melanie Leitner

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Survivorman doesn’t stress out in real life:

Les Stroud routinely gets dropped off alone in the wilderness with no food, no shelter, no nothing – so something like the prospect of him being stranded in Vancouver because of an extreme weather event like the Polar Vortex doesn’t faze him in the least. But what does concern him? Being a good filmmaker is at the top of the list. And so is bringing his son into the “family business” of “survival.” Find out more in this intriguing chat with Survivorman Les Stroud.


Barenaked Ladies are cool dads:

Ed Robertson and Jim Creeggan of the Barenaked Ladies are definitely taking time to reflect as they mark an amazing 25 years in the music business. During the midst of their current milestone Canadian tour, Ed and Jim drop by to muse about cassette tapes, doing the title track for the hit television comedy The Big Bang Theory and making music with bandmates Kevin Hearn and Tyler Stewart. To discover how their children feel about having famous fathers, be sure to check out this fun interview with two Barenaked Ladies.

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