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Personal TV + Box

Limited TV

Limited programming

A plan focused on the basics, providing access to limited programming options including local and regional Canadian networks, provincial and educational broadcasters and mandatory channels.

  • from $ 25 00* /mo
    Equipment is required
    to support this plan

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    Entertainment your way

    UFC events, Monsters University, and Ironman 3 on Shaw

    What You Get

    • Up to 13 HD channels
    • Up to 27 SD channelsδ
    • Access to live shows on the go with FreeRange TV
    • Access to live Pay Per View (PPV) events, including UFC and WWE
    • Ability to view programming two weeks in advance
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    Programming options with Shaw

    Customize channels

    Customize your TV Plan with great Shaw channels. Add sports, movies, multicultural, subscription on-demand and more.

    Build your plan

    A better way to experience TV

    Shaw TV equipment
    Payment options
    More info

    • Rental
    • $ 5 00* /mo
    • monthly
    • Shaw Easy Own
    • $ 4 00* /mo
    • for 36 months
    • Purchase
    • $ 138 00*
    • one time payment
    Payment options
    More info

    • Rental
    • $ 15 00* /mo
    • monthly
    • Shaw Easy Own
    • $ 10 00* /mo
    • for 36 months
    • Purchase
    • $ 348 00*
    • one time payment

    Upgrade and save on
    the latest HD Equipment

    Order TV and Internet with a 2-year ValuePlan^
    to qualify.

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    Shaw Direct

    Shaw Direct 100% Digital Satellite Television is available.

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    TV equipment payment options


    The ValuePlan is available to subscribers of Personal or Premier TV combined with Internet 5 or higher, and does not apply to phone services. Under the 2-yr ValuePlan, customers receive a complimentary HD Box rental, or a complimentary Gateway HDPVR rental in exchange for a 2-year commitment to subscribe to Shaw TV and Internet services (additional portal rentals are available for $5/mo each). Early termination fees apply and will be calculated based on $15/remaining month. Upon opting into the program, detailed terms and conditions will be provided within the ValuePlan documents. ValuePlans are not available in Ontario. A maximum of 6 TVs (requiring one Gateway HDPVR and 5 portals) can be connected.

    Rent your equipment

    Monthly rentals are available for select equipment.

    Monthly payments may be made online via Shaw My Account, via pre-authorized Monthly Payment Plan from your bank account or credit card, via Telephone Banking, Online Banking or in person at your financial institution. Customers may also mail a cheque, payable to Shaw Cablesystems G.P., directly to Shaw, contact a Shaw Customer Service Representative by telephone (located on the front of your bill), or visit a Shaw Retail Centre for additional information.

    36-month Shaw Easy Own

    With the Shaw Easy Own program, customers can acquire Shaw equipment at a low monthly cost, with no interest charges, for the duration of the 36-month purchase plan. As a Shaw customer, you will immediately obtain title to the equipment with the understanding that you are required to pay Shaw for the equipment in 36 pre-authorized monthly installments.

    Participation in the Shaw Easy Own program requires a valid credit card in the name of the purchaser. If you cancel your Shaw TV, Phone or Internet service within the 36-month period, you are immediately required to pay the outstanding balance on the purchased hardware.

    Upon opting into the program, detailed terms and conditions will be provided within the Shaw Easy Own documents.


    You may choose to own your hardware by purchasing it at competitive industry pricing via one-time payment, payable by credit card, cheque or cash due at the time of install.