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Primetime TV

Missed your favourite
Primetime TV Show?

Watch it now with Shaw On Demand.

Never miss out on your favourite programs. Now you can catch up on the latest primetime shows on Global and City 24 hours after they air with Shaw On Demand.

Shaw On Demand is the PVR you didn't know you owned.

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Ordering is free and easy

Order episodes of these popular shows and more through the VOD menu on your set-top box and online.


Shaw On Demand is the PVR you didn't know you owned.


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Shaw Direct

Shaw Direct 100% Digital Satellite Television is available.

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For assistance with services in your area, please contact us:

support@shaw.ca (866) 718-8476

Introducing Shaw Go WiFi

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Connect in
all your
favourite places.

Get Shaw Go WiFi at coffee shops, restaurants, theatres and more.

Log in once.
Connect forever.

Once your device is registered, it will automatically connect whenever you are in a Shaw Go WiFi zone.

Connect on
multiple devices.

You can connect to Shaw Go WiFi from your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or all of the above.