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As of July 19, 2011, to comply with regulatory requirements, Shaw will adjust the HD US Network feeds of the below channels to correspond with the channels found in your time zone. The channels affected are as follows:


US Network Feed



    US Network Feed




ABC HD Seattle


    ABC HD Spokane



CBS HD Seattle


    CBS HD Spokane



NBC HD Seattle


    NBC HD Spokane



FOX HD Seattle


    FOX HD Spokane



The channel location will not change, however some of your programming times may shift.

If you have PVR recordings set on these channels, you will need to update them due to this change.

Learn more about your PVR settings.


For additional information call 1.888.472.2222

Frequently asked questions

  • It appears as though my channels have changed, what happened?

    The networks themselves haven’t changed, just the network feed. You will find much of the same programming you currently enjoy, but may find it at different times.

  • Why does this affect my PVR if it’s the same channels?

    Your PVR is set to a specific channel, so when the Seattle feeds change to Spokane, the PVR settings need to be revised. You will want to reset your PVR settings to be sure you don’t miss your TV shows.


Lineup is subject to change.