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Meet our Outstanding Canadians: Ibrahim Musa


Ibrahim Musa immigrated to Canada from Iraq at the age of four. Growing up in a low-income community, he saw at a young age how necessary community support and services can be for underserved youth. This reality propelled him to develop a devotion to his community and low-income families in Ottawa.

At the age of 17, Ibrahim began his own charity, the Cuts For Kids Foundation, which offers professional haircuts to youth from underserved families, with many now coming from Syria. With a unique and fresh look at no cost, he provides a service that many families cannot afford to give their kids.

Ibrahim is also a key member of the Ottawa Youth Engagement Committee (OYEC), a program of Youth Ottawa. OYEC has a mandate from the City of Ottawa to hear youth’s voice at the municipal level. As a member of this committee, Ibrahim is one of the most involved, passionate, and committed youth on the board. He has led several campaigns, organizes and chairs sub-committee meetings, and constantly fights for the rights of low-income and underrepresented youth in the communities.

Ibrahim’s youth work is powerful because it tackles and addresses challenging topics in creative ways that are tangible to youth and their families. Being a youth himself, Ibrahim continues to strive to be a powerful advocate for youth in his community.

"Shaw has given our youth group the funding we need to continue our Charity in the communities that we love," says Ibrahim. "By supporting the Cuts For Kids Foundation, Shaw enables us to expand our programming and reach a record-number of low-income youth and children with free haircuts."