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Meet our Outstanding Canadians: Glori Meldrum



Glori Meldrum is a passionate advocate for the awareness, prevention, and treatment of child sexual abuse. Glori founded Little Warriors in March 2008 in an effort to create awareness around this horrific problem, and work to prevent it and offer treatment to children who are victims.

Little Warriors has educated over 20,000 people to help prevent child sexual abuse. In October 2014, Glori fulfilled the final piece of her dream to provide a treatment centre for children who have been sexually abused. After years of fundraising, the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch opened its doors and welcomed the first cohort of children to begin receiving treatment for child sexual abuse in the fall of 2014. Since that time, over 60 children have completed a full year of treatment and they are showing improvements with depression, anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), attachment behaviours, self-esteem, healthy peer interactions, and their ability to trust adults.

Since founding the organization, she has volunteered countless hours and continues to be the volunteer Chair of the Board of Directors.

“I am honoured to be recognized as one of Shaw Canada’s 50 Outstanding Canadians,” says Glori. “A survivor of child sexual abuse myself, I founded Little Warriors because I knew with every fibre of my being that I needed to make a difference in the lives of other survivors. With all of the children and families who depend on the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch, it is so gratifying to be honoured for the work that is being one each day to support the children to help them grow into happy, healthy adults.” Glori Meldrum, Founder and Board Chair of Little Warriors.