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Meet our Outstanding Canadians: Julie Hamilton



Julie has been supporting The Children’s Wish Foundation for many years. She understands from experience the incredible value of mission fulfillment as her daughter Maggie was granted a wish in 1999 after being diagnosed with cancer. Maggie wanted to spend time together as a family, so Julie, her husband Bob and her son Tim travelled with Maggie to the Caribbean for a memorable holiday. Tragically, three months after returning from the trip, Julie’s son Tim was killed in a workplace accident.

Since Tim’s death, Julie has travelled widely conducting hundreds of workplace safety workshops, touching thousands of workers in Alberta and beyond. In lieu of a fee for her services, Julie requests that the money be donated to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Over the years, more than $750,000 has been directed to the Children’s Wish Foundation through the Tim Hamilton Endowment Fund. These gifts have translated to a significant legacy of wish granting that will forever benefit deserving children.

“Having Shaw’s support and encouragement is a real boost," says Julie. "As you go along doing your own thing, you don't realize that anyone else is watching. Suddenly, I get this lovely letter offering to help Tim's Endowment, the Children's Wish and highlight Workplace Safety all at once! Thank you, Shaw, for your kind words, your encouragement and your generosity.”