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Meet our Outstanding Canadians: Patti Foulon



Patti has been volunteering with Kids Cancer Care for over 15 years and has been a monthly donor for the past five years. Patti has managed to turn her own adversity into a powerful force for children with cancer. At the age of 24 and only two years into her marriage, her husband was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. At the age of 28, Patti was a widow. After her husband passed, Patti began volunteering her time with multiple cancer-related charities including Canadian Cancer Society, the Alberta Children’s Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House in Calgary, and Kids Cancer Care.

For seven years, Patti has been a Volunteer Camp Counselor with Kids Cancer Care providing support to children with cancer for an entire week each summer. Volunteering at the camp is no small feat – it means working long hours and days, playing in the rain, sleeping in a dorm, comforting the homesick, and enduring endless pranks. It's a big commitment that demands a lot of energy, a big heart, and an easy-going nature - and that’s exactly what Patti brings to the camp each and every year. Patti’s personal experiences with cancer as a volunteer make her a passionate and knowledgeable advocate for young people affected by the disease.

Patti has donated over 1,200 hours of her time over the course of 15 years to support Kids Cancer Care.