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Meet our Outstanding Canadians: Raz Chan



Raz Chan has been actively involved with the Breakfast Program for Kids at 12th Avenue Elementary School for the past 3 years where he raised food donations so that no kids come to school hungry.  A former principal of the school, Mrs. Marilyn Kwok has reported a significant improvement in grades among the children because of it.

Raz is also looking at ways to make this an ongoing weekly donation to ensure the program has a consistent supply of food. He believes no child should ever be held back from experiencing the joy of childhood due to financial circumstances and his mission is to create a legacy program that will positively impact the kids today and for future generations to come.

In his recent book, ‘The Human Excellence Project: Lessons Even Awesome Parents Never Teach’, part of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to help fund the robotics program and afterschool programs for the school.

Raz is also a member of the Passages Canada speaker team, where he volunteers his time at local schools to talk about racism, tolerance, and cultural diversity.