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Meet our Outstanding Canadians: Cassandra Hill



Cassandra is an energetic teacher who has devoted her career to helping students who have suffered various trauma in their lives. Cassandra teaches at Children’s Village School, an elementary school with programming designed to meet the complex learning and social needs of students with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties.


Tirelessly committed to making her classroom a safe haven for all her students, Cassandra looked for an external partner who could help her fulfill her mission to truly serve her students with as much positivity, caring, and compassion as she could. She discovered the education and mentorship charity, Classroom Champions, and through it she has been able to open her classroom up to mentorship from two local Olympians that help students navigate the emotional chaos they experience on a daily basis.


Many of Cassandra's students struggle with basic reading and writing, and Cassandra has made it her goal, alongside the rest of the school, to successfully transition her students back to a regular school setting. Cassandra's students have made huge strides in their development and in addition to the regular school curriculum, organize community initiatives to create holiday ornaments for local firefighters, EMS, and police, further igniting the community spirit throughout the entire school.