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Meet our Outstanding Canadians: Robyn Thiessen

Robyn is a passionate and exemplary teacher, as dedicated to her profession today as she was when she first started 26 years ago. An education leader, she is determined to make the world of education a better place for students by pursuing innovations and partnerships that flatten the walls of the classroom and allow for a global learning experience.

Robyn’s contributions to innovation in education are many, including her most recent work as part of an eight-teacher team exploring the potential of an alternative to report cards – the on-going observation program, FreshGrade. This work helped Robyn, and a district team of five, win her school district a $50,000 Cmolik Prize for Enhancement of Public Education in BC. Robyn is also currently a Wonderopolis Wonder Lead Ambassador, helping shape the online network that supports educators to engage students of all ages in inquiry-based learning, and a Discovery Education Network STAR, supporting the global community of educators in sharing resources, collaborating, and networking.

Robyn has also been a teacher in the Classroom Champion’s program since its inception and has been a leading voice in the program since day one. She has created a robust teacher network inside the program to share learnings and guide new teachers in the program, while guiding her students to learn the important social and emotional skills to become future leaders in the community.