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Meet our Outstanding Canadians: Hamshaa Sivaruban


Hamshaa is a youth resident in Regent Park and is seen as a very kind and gentle leader in the community. From the moment she started her volunteer student placement with the Regent Park Community Food Centre, she has gone above and beyond to support the children and youth participants she works with and to advocate for access to good healthy food in Regent Park.

Hamshaa is involved with a number of organizations in Regent Park and through her connections, has helped the Regent Park Community Food Centre (CFC) to make new partnerships with many homework and after school clubs, allowing the Regent Park CFC to bring cooking and nutrition lessons for youth out to the wider community. Hamshaa has also helped to improve the after school programs suggesting new ingredients that were unfamiliar to the young participants and teaching them to safely handle knives, raw meats, and use the stove.

Hamshaa has an incredible voice in the community. Although she is soft spoken, she is able to voice her views to individuals and organizations about the needs of children and youth in Regent Park and beyond. Hamshaa understands the importance of connecting children and youth with skills and knowledge about food and nutrition to set them up for lifelong healthy eating habits. Through her volunteer work across a number of organizations, she fosters partnerships in the community to ensure that many young program participants have the opportunity to learn about food skills in experiential ways and are empowered to try new things and develop skills to help them in the future.