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Meet our Outstanding Canadians: Margaret Thompson

Margaret Hero Image


Margaret is an engaged, passionate and reliable volunteer who gives her time each week volunteering at the NorWest Co-op Community Food Centre in support of the Kids Smoothie Bike Program. The Kids Smoothie Bike Program takes place every Tuesday afternoon as part of the after school programming provided by the centre. Each week, children and youth from the neighbourhood drop into the Centre to create smoothies from healthy ingredients. The unique part is that the smoothies are blended by the kids own leg power on the specially converted bikes with blender attachments. As kids make their smoothies, Margaret assists the youth in choosing healthy ingredients and helps them create and learn about food health and nutrition as they go.

Margaret’s consistent volunteer support is integral to this program and she often goes above and beyond her volunteer duties, offering to support additional events beyond her weekly volunteer commitments. She is a key community supporter of the young population, helping kids gain access to healthy food and improve their overall wellbeing through community building and healthy eating education. Margaret’s volunteer work supports other programs at the Centre – which uses prevention-focused programming with healthy food at the core to address a host of problems in the community including poverty, hunger, food insecurity, and social isolation.