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Meet our Outstanding Canadians: Makena Hind



Makena Hind created Calgary Swims for Lunch (CSFL), a group based out of the Forest Lawn Outdoor Pool. CSFL hosts a volunteer-based program to help kids learn how to swim, spread water safety, and provide lunch to those in need during the summer months. After working in the neighborhood and observing the need, Makena set to work creating a program where children can enjoy learning to swim while having a nutritious meal, which is supported by local groups such as Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids, LeftOvers Rescue Food, and other donations.

Makena is a champion for the children in her community and CSFL. She tirelessly raises awareness about the organization on top of working and going to school. She works to spread the word about the opportunity for children in the community to join CSFL, and makes connections to help CSFL find volunteers and food sponsors. She is hoping to expand the program to other neighborhoods as there is a great need for summer drop-in programs that offer lunch and activities.