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See our local interest stories here in this online Shaw TV archive, as well as Access Shows and Remote Broadcasts.

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Access Specials 160x85

Access Specials

Full Length Remote Productions such as Parades, Sports and Shows.

Where You Live 160x85

Where You Live

A closer look at the people, neighbourhoods and communities of the Okanagan.

Manfreds Guitar 160x85

Manfred's Guitar

A musical variety show hosted by Manfred Harter in Vernon.

Learning Lab 160x85

Learning Lab

Host Vicki Den Ouden with interesting learning opportunities for kids.

12 Minutes with Chelsea and Mel 160x85

12 Minutes with Chelsea and Mel

A pair of quick, high-intensity workouts to get you moving! With hosts Chelsea Harrison and Mel Breitkreutz.

Up Front 165x80

Up Front

A sit-down conversation with local politicians and influential people in the Okanagan.

Brads Bark 160x85 NEW

Brad's Bark

A fresh take on what is happening in our pet community.

Wild Okanagan Wrestling 160x85

Wild Okanagan Wrestling

The world of independent professional wrestling in the Okanagan comes alive, with matches from Big West, Invasion Championship, and Thrash Wrestling.

Artisans Alley 160x85

Artisans' Alley

Patrica Doyle hosts this interactive program that explores the fine art of crafts and features local artists.

Okanagan Sun 160x85

Okanagan Sun

Interviews and full games involving the Okanagan Sun.

The Seen 160x85

The Seen

A half Hour Arts and Entertainment program with local talent.

Inspired Word Cafe 160x85

Inspired Word Cafe

A half Hour program featuring poetry, music and spoken word.

As The Sun Burns 160x85

As The Sun Burns

A Soap Opera featuring local talent. Thursdays and Saturdays at 6:30 AM and 11:30 PM.

Daniel Taylor 160x85

When Paintings Come Alive

Internationally known artist and host Daniel Taylor presents a painting that in its own unique way "Comes Alive".

Top 5 160x85

Top 5

Top 5 explores some of the best things to see, do and experience in the Okanagan.

Kelowna Council Dec 2014 160x85

Council Meetings

Kelowna:W & F 11 AM
Vernon:W & Th 11 AM
Summerland:Th & F 11 AM
Penticton:Th & F 11 AM
Lake Country:Th & Sa 11 AM
Peachland:Th & Sa 11 AM
Airs same week as meeting

Fresh and Raw 160x85

Fresh and Raw

Raw and Whole foods Chef Kristi Reich with recipes and demonstrations for raw breakfasts, lunches, dinners and accompaniments.

Voice of BC May 2016 160x85

Voice of B.C.

A weekly public affairs program. Hear from top politicians, academics and business leaders in B.C. and Canada. Hosted by Vaughn Palmer. Thurs @ 7 PM 

Live Healthy Now 160x85

Live Healthy Now!

Host Beverley Edwards-Haines helps you reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Go fish 160x85

Go Fish BC

Join Brian Chan throughout the season for fishing tips, scenic locations, and - as always - great fish stories!!

Garage Makeover 160x85

Garage Makeovers

Hosted by Ilona Zink, this Access Program features mature women getting hair, make up and wardrobe makeovers.

Mare 150x150

The Mareathon

Tackling a new lifestyle theme every week and interviewing locals to encourage self care.

Ask The Mayor 160x85

Ask The Mayor

Extensive interviews with Okanagan Mayors.

Fire Within 160x85

The Fire Within

Host Joel Young interviews local entrepreneurs to find out what drives them.

Rocket Review 160x85

Rocket Review

The Kelowna Rockets have provided great memories and players over the years. Here are some of our stories.

Navigating Retirement 160x85

Navigating Retirement

Hosts Jeff Stathopulos and David Allard help you navigate through the challenges of retirement.

Top This 160x85

Top This! Season 2

Featuring the best of the BC Interior.

Top This 160x85

Top This! Season 1

Featuring the best of the BC Interior.

Sports Uncut 160x85

Sports Uncut

A fun, raw, organic take on sports in our community.

Detour 160x85


Complete episodes of Detour, a show about Indie bands as they travel around BC

Access Programming

We are pleased to accept completed shows and new show ideas.  Connect to our program information guide which will assist you in submitting your program proposal.  The community channel is focused on the Okanagan and its people, issues, arts and entertainment. Programming should reflect local viewpoints, activities and diverse voices that are not being heard.

Access Programming