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  • Venues include Van. Playhouse, Roundhouse, Annex and more -  website     
  • Full program available online -  website     
  • Strategies for the new world of work -  website      
  • Entertainment, refreshments, information, activities -  website     
  • When your Ears begin to See, the Eyes Listen -  website    
  • International collaboration crossing east and west -  website     
  • Local Haida Artists share their knowledge about the art pieces - website 
  • On Shaw Multicultural - The lives and music of BC South Asian musicians
  • On Shaw Multicultural - African culture and history - Beginning Sept. 21
  • On Shaw Multicultural - Healthy Cooking Options from Taiwan
  • On Shaw Multicultural - Local events and Int.'l films - Beginning Sept. 22
  • On Shaw Multicultural - Relationship advice - Presented in Mandarin 
  • Channel 4 - Metro Vancouver 

    Channel 10 - Calgary
    Channel 901 - Blue Sky 

  • Van. Int'l. Flamenco Festival

    September 21 - 29 

  • Van. Int'l. Film Festival

    September 27 to October 12 

  • MOSAIC BC's Immigrant Professionals Conference

    Sat. Sept. 29 - 9am, Burnaby 

  • MOSAIC BC's Seniors Connect

    Sat. Sept. 29 - 10am, Burnaby 

  • Mushtari Begum Festival

    Sat. Sept. 29 at 6:30pm 

  • Taiwanese & Cdn. Musicians Series

    Sun. Oct. 28 - Van. Playhouse 

  • Haida Now

    Art Exhibition at Museum of Vancouver 

  • The Raga Experience

    Thurs. at 2:30pm  & Sat. at 1pm PST - Beg. Sept. 20

  • African Vibes

    Fridays at 7:30am & Saturdays at 9am PST 

  • KC Cooking - Join Kevin & Claire for tasty and healthy dishes!

    Weekdays 12:30pm & 4:30pm  

  • AM1320 Feature Presentation

    Saturdays at 8pm 

  • Turn Around to Love

    Saturdays at 7pm PST 


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Shaw Multicultural Channel features original and encore programming from Canada and around the world in more than 18 languages.

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