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Access Point

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Welcome to Access Point on Shaw TV, a program that showcases videos from across South Vancouver Island. Access Point welcomes the creativity of professionals and amateurs that live here on Vancouver Island. Anyone can submit a video as long as a couple of rules are followed.

No use of any unauthorized music or written material. If there is music used you must submit your written permission. You must have permission from everyone that appears in your video. We are looking for videos that are between 1 and 20 minutes in length. No commercial/advertising material. 

If you agree to the above conditions, please follow step 1 and step 2. Step 1 is an email with your name, address, phone #, email and information about the video you will be submitting. Step 2 is the upload of the video. We accept MP4, and MOV files up to 8 GB in size.

Click here for step 1 

Click here for step 2