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Our introduction of route optimization software for our fleet vehicles has resulted in a reduction in distance travelled per service order, which in turn has helped to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

In our Shaw facilities and data centres, we’ve installed high efficiency mechanical equipment to reduce power consumption. We have upgraded much of our lighting equipment across Canada, including the installation of occupancy sensors and lights that dim when the building receives more sunlight.

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The National Distribution Centre (NDC) is at the forefront of our waste reduction initiatives. Each year, almost 1.5 million lbs of material is redirected from landfills for recycling or reuse by the NDC. We've redesigned our equipment packaging in an effort to reduce the cardboard content by up to 40%.

Responsible life-cycle management of our electronic products is a key aspect of our sustainability programs, and is exemplified by Shaw’s stewardship plan, developed for the province of British Columbia. Our approved Stewardship Plan was prepared in accordance with the requirements set out in the BC Recycling Regulation – Electronic and Electrical Product Category (B.C. Reg. 449/2004), and outlines Shaw’s program for the collection, refurbishing for re-use, resale and recycling of our electronic products covered by the regulations:

In addition, our annual report provides information on how Shaw is performing against the targets outlined our BC Electronic Stewardship Plan:

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We have installed building facility upgrades and retrofits to reduce water consumption, such as low-flow washroom fixtures and weather-controlled landscape irrigation systems. We are tracking and monitoring the water usage at our largest facilities across Canada to aid us in the continuous improvement of our water use efficiency.
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Green Building Certification

  • Shaw Court (Calgary, head office) – LEED Gold for Commercial Interiors (Attained in 2019)
  • Shaw Tower (Vancouver) – LEED Platinum for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (Attained in 2013); BOMA BEST® level 4 certification (Attained in 2009)
  • 3636 Campus (Calgary) – LEED Silver for Commercial Interiors (Attained in 2012)
  • Shaw Campus Data Centre (Calgary) – LEED Certified for New Construction (Attained in 2017)
  • Shaw Barlow (Calgary) – BOMA BEST® level 3 certification (Attained in 2011)
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What can you do?

Go paperless, sign up for eBill

For your convenience, Shaw offers many simple and secure ways to pay your bill, including the option of switching from your monthly paper bill to eBill. With Shaw eBill, your monthly bills are delivered right to your email inbox, how you pay is up to you. Switching to Shaw eBill is fast, convenient and great for the environment.

Sign up for eBill today.

Recycle your used Shaw equipment

Help Shaw continue to reduce our environmental footprint. Simply follow our instructions for returning or recycling your equipment below.

Returning or recycling your Shaw equipment.
Contact Shaw's customer support team for more information.

Share your ideas

Share your environmental ideas with Shaw at
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