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To celebrate Pride, we commissioned artists from 2SLGBTQ+, BIPOC and ally communities to create an art walk to help make our world brighter together for everyone.

Shaw Pride event.


This year’s murals were unveiled on August 20. The four artworks sit at the four corners of Central Memorial Park in Calgary. They are linked by a rainbow-coloured sidewalk, giving people the chance to walk the rainbow anytime they like.

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Man sitting next to Pride 2021 art walk in Calgary.


Check out the talented 2021 artists who created awe-inspiring murals to celebrate community and connection for Shaw Pride Marches On.
Colourful Pride sidewalk mural.


By Ash Adams (they/them) & Vanessa Toews (she/her)
NE corner of Central Memorial Park (2nd Street & 12th Ave SW)

Artists' statement: Liberation is a message that is both social cause and demographic agnostic, including all variety of intersections of queer living. Just as race, disability, mental illness and class struggle intersect with queerness, our mural will sit at an intersection all its own.

Ash Adams is a trans non-binary Mi’kmaq artist, PDD support worker and educator in the field of employment and mental health. They graduated from AUArts in 2018 and has a mastery of ceramic processes and a knack for illustration. Mad identified, Ash works with bipolar and C-PTSD diagnosis, creating empathetic and connective artworks and pedagogies, providing support through organizations like the National accessArts Centre, and Prospect Human Services.

Vanessa Toews is an artist and educator, with a focus on creating inclusive and diverse educational opportunities. Vanessa obtained a BFA from AUArts in 2012, and a BEd from the University of Calgary in 2014, and has since worked in both fields. Vanessa identifies as neurodiverse, which has led to a focus on advocating for equitable art spaces for all people.

In 2020, Adams and Toews founded Superbloom Collective.

@ashadamscreates, @superbloomcollective,

Pride in Solidarity sidewalk mural.


By Wilmer Aburto (he/him), Colin Menzies (he/they) & Chishimba Matthew Kangombe (he/him)
NW corner of Central Memorial Park (4th Street & 13th Ave SW)

Artists' statement: At a time of so much misinformation, it is more important than ever to come together to speak truth to power, to ourselves and to our communities. Despite a shared worldwide pandemic in 2020-2021, in some ways we’re more divided than ever. As folks explored their right to make their own choices, politics continued to reinforce this division.

During this crisis, we’ve heard a lot of “we’re in this together” and ”we’ll get through this together.” Now, when it appears that we are emerging on the other side of a global pandemic, where do we stand?

Wilmer Aburto is a Calgary-based photographer. Born in Nicaragua, Wilmer is passionate about social advocacy and inclusivity through artistic projects. He has developed and led collaborations with youth, seniors, Canadian newcomers, veterans, individuals with mixed abilities or mental health barriers, and racialized and gender-diverse communities.

Colin Menzies is an interdisciplinary queer artist who produces multimedia projects under the alias Subliminal Rabbit. Colin’s projects typically start with a drawing in which there is a hidden rabbit.

They recently produced a video installation for the production of Orlando at the Vienna Opera House, which was featured in the New York Times.

Chishimba Matthew Kangombe, known as Chish, was born in Zambia. After living in various countries, he now calls Calgary home and is inspired by his roots and ancestry, particularly by his grandfather—a cattle farmer in Zambia. Chish includes symbols from African culture in his art, and is an up-and-coming mural artist.

@wilmerphotography, @thesubliminalrabbit, @artofchish

You Are Queer Enough sidewalk mural.


By Mackenzie Bedford (she/her)
SE corner of Central Memorial Park (2nd Street & 13th Ave SW).

Artist’s statement: A tear in space is calling out the voices in our head that doubt if you “count.” This mural is a signal to everyone entering the park that no matter how they express their identity—a little or a lot—they are enough. It’s written in the stars.

Mackenzie Bedford is a telescope for queer space. Exhausted by perspectives that lack the necessary imagination and diversity, she is revealing the queerness of the cosmos with visual narrative.

Growing up in the closet in a small mountain town means Mackenzie’s work revolves around queer femme exploration, dreams, and the surrealities that exist within. She's also an introverted sci-fi fan with a love for karaoke.

@mackenziebedford, @mackenzie.bedford,

Colourful sidewalk mural featuring a snake.


By Nicole Wolf (she/her) & Mike Hooves (they/them)
SW corner of Central Memorial Park in Calgary at 4th Street & 12th Ave SW.

Artists’ statement: Within everyday foliage lies something magical, colourful and fluid. Our image is of a garter snake, coiled amongst flowers. Both the snake and flowers are native to Treaty 7. Snakes are a pan-cultural symbol of self-knowledge and knowing, which are key aspects of queer identity. Additionally, the snake is representative of the transformative nature of queerness—symbolized through the skin of the snake, which sheds many times in its lifetime to allow for growth and change. The colours on the snake reflect a pride flag that contains queer colours, BIPOC colours and trans colours.

This mural is about transformation. There's always an opportunity to morph and change into a truer form, especially after difficult experiences. To be alive is to be in a constant state of transformation, and we have the power to choose who we will be.

Nicole Wolf is an Alberta-based muralist and illustrator. She studied Fine Art at MacEwan University and holds an undergraduate degree in design from AUArts. Wolf has created murals in Europe, Asia and North America. Her work explores human behaviour, untold narratives and veiled realities.

Mike Hooves is a prairie queer working in illustration, animation and film in Calgary. They received their Bachelor of Design from AUArts in 2016. Hooves uses simple shapes, saturated colours, and gestural linework to create playful and engaging imagery that acknowledges queer aesthetics and signifiers.

@nicolewolfdesign, @mikehooves


We have long-term partnerships with several great organizations focused on helping everyone feel included and accepted—making Canada a brighter place for all of us. Some of our great partnerships include:

Woman wearing Get Real Movement T-shirt.

The Get Real Movement

To help decrease 2SLGBTQ+ discrimination in schools and summer camps, we’ve helped The Get REAL Movement provide inclusivity workshops to 50 schools in BC and Manitoba.
Youth looking at mobile phone.

Kids Help Phone

To help provide 24/7/365 professional and confidential counselling to young people, including 2SLGBTQ+ youth in crisis, we’ve partnered with Kids Help Phone for over 15 years.
People taking part in Pride at Work Canada.

Pride at Work Canada/
Fierté au travail Canada

We’re the national partner of Pride at Work Canada which is a network of employers committed to empowering 2SLGBTQ+ employees through dialogue, leadership and workshops.
People taking part in a leadership program run by Minerva.


We partner with Minerva to deliver a leadership program for girls, transgender and non-binary youth—encouraging self-awareness and inspiration to take on new challenges.


We’re proud to celebrate a rainbow of identities that makes us unique at Shaw. Through our diversity of thought, experience and perspective, we create a culture that embraces individual differences and strengths to bring out the best in all our employees.
Shaw truck at Pride event.


Explore our favourite 2SLGBTQ+ and BIPOC-owned businesses in Western Canada and keep your dollars in your local economy.
Smiling business owner.

Digital Skills Partnerships

We’re teaming up with fantastic partners to ensure youth get the skills they need to thrive in a connected future.

Brighter Communities

By supporting grassroots organizations with charitable grants, we empower local communities to identify and meet their needs.

Shaw Charity Classic

The tournament has raised over $76M for more than 230 charities supporting hundreds of thousands of children and youth in Alberta.

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