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Fox Sports World

Channel Removal

Effective April 17, 2012, Fox Sports World will be removed from our channel lineup.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why is Shaw Media shutting down Fox Sports World (FSW)?

Last summer, Shaw Media decided not to pursue a mainstream sports channel. With this decision, keeping Fox Sports World as part of their portfolio no longer made strategic and economic sense.


Q. When will the channel be shutting down on Shaw?

April 17, 2012.


Q. Will I be able to find the programming anywhere else?

Soccer, rugby and cricket programming can be found on your regional Sportsnet channel (Sportsnet Pacific, Sportsnet West, Sportsnet Ontario) and on Sportsnet ONE nationally. These channels are included with Personal TV and Digital Classic TV. They are also available in HD with Personal TV at no additional cost and as part of the HD Plus package. Additionally, Sportsnet World carries similar programming and Shaw has recently launched the channel in MPEG-4 HD.


Q: Am I still paying for Fox Sports World even though the service is no longer part of my package?

No. If you had Fox Sports World as a pick and pay channel, you will no longer be charged for the channel effective April 17, 2012. Your next invoice will reflect this change. The monthly rate of the Sports 2 pack will remain at $10 per month and the Sports pack will remain at $7.95/month. These sports theme packs continue to bring great value.


Q. Whom can I direct my comments to around the closure?

Tel: 1-866-967-3248