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BlueCurve Internet

Introducing the best WiFi experience

Speed. Coverage. Control.™ Get the Internet that lets you have it all.


WiFi the way you WantFi

Powered by next-level technology, BlueCurve makes connecting online easier and faster for everyone at home.

The complete WiFi experience for your connected home

From ultra-fast speeds to expandable WiFi coverage, BlueCurve Internet makes WiFi easy for everyone.

Cutaway diagram of a house featuring a Gateway modem in the main living room and Pods in the upstairs room, garage and basement.

The BlueCurve Gateway modem

Every device connected to your network gets the fastest and most reliable speeds available.

BlueCurve Pods

Why settle for weak signals or dead spots? Expand your WiFi network to get coverage where you need it14.

The BlueCurve Home app

From parental controls to disabling WiFi access for specific devices, manage your network from anywhere32.


Not all WiFi is created equal

See for yourself how BlueCurve Internet stacks up against our competitors28.

#1 for speed has crowned Shaw the fastest Internet provider for download speeds in Western Canada35. So now you can’t blame losing that battle royale on Internet slowdowns.

WiFi for everyone

Bingers upstairs on the TV. Online gamers downstairs. Vloggers uploading videos. Your network can handle multiple devices without breaking a sweat.


The best deal on the best WiFi experience

With unlimited data and our best speeds, get Internet that satisfies all the people and devices at home.

Bluecurve Internet

Internet 600

Experience our fastest speeds with up to 600 Mbps downloads9, 30 Mbps uploads9 and unlimited data.
Starting from

$ 65 /mo 1

The perfect match

BlueCurve Total + Gift Card

Love the best WiFi? Can’t live without our best TV? Get it all starting at $99/mo1 and receive a $300 Gift Card.40

Hassle-free WiFi

Step 1: Get BlueCurve Internet

Find the plan that gives you the speed you need at home.

Step 2: Download the BlueCurve Home app

Set up and take control of your WiFi anytime, anywhere32.

Step 3: Extend your network

For more WiFi coverage, add BlueCurve Pods14 to your plan.

Go all in with BlueCurve Total

Save more33 when you bring together the best WiFi experience with our best TV experience.

BlueCurve Gateway

Behind every fast network is a powerful modem

Available for Internet 300 and 600.
A product shot of a BlueCurve Gateway Modem with fuschia dots in the background.



Combines the power of a modem and router to deliver our best WiFi experience.

Optimal performance

Dual band technology brings double the bandwidth. Throw as many devices as you want at your network, the Gateway can handle it all.

Beamforming technology

The Gateway sends WiFi signals directly to your devices for a faster and stronger connection.

Need more WiFi coverage?

With BlueCurve Pods14, say goodbye to dead spots and get the best WiFi performance for all your devices from almost anywhere in your home. Available as a three-pack for $10/mo1.