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Shaw Webmail

Shaw Webmail

Stay in touch with Shaw Webmail*

Access your email from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection. Store
messages, addresses, folders and contact groups ... there's even spell check!

Access Webmail

What You'll Enjoy

  • 1 GB of email storage space per email account
  • Fully featured Spam Filter
  • Send emails of up to 20 MB in file size
  • Spell check
  • Clean, updated interface with a quota bar to alert your when inbox is full
  • Folder tree to manage multiple folders
  • 2000 address book entries
  • Group your email contacts
  • Ability to import and export entries to your email program
  • Multiple font choices
  • Quick 'contact add'
  • New and improved features to change Spam Filter settings
  • Report spam features that alert our spam monitoring system

Webmail 2.0 has arrived

Your new webmail experience now includes:

Phone and Tablet Integration
Phone and Tablet

Synchronize your Windows, Apple
and Android devices instantaneously
with your email account.

Easy-to-use interface

A great new look, so you can
complete tasks easier and faster.

Organize and customize
Organize and

Search, sort, filter and thread your
messages to keep track of every

All your email in one place
All your email
in one place

Import email messages from any
account from other email providers
into Webmail 2.0.

Shared Calendars

Manage multiple schedules and
appointments. Create and share
calendars with your family, friends
and coworkers.

2000 Contacts

With 20 times the contact storage,
you'll never misplace an email
address ever again.