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Make It Happen - Hosted By Canadian Olympic Silver Medalist Helen Upperton


Do you have a wish list of to-do’s that you really want to accomplish but have never realised the opportunity? Have you always imagined leaping out of a plane or crossing the finish line of a marathon? Are you the type of person that everybody wants to see succeed but you always come up with an excuse not to go for it? Here’s your chance to stop dreaming and actually reach out and achieve success by completing your number one goal.


Haven't you always wanted to... something that you always said you wanted to do but didn't? That's a confusing statement but very true for most of us. It's not true for the people on our show who finally got the courage to Make it Happen!
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Our Host Helen Upperton

Our show gives people the opportunity to live their dreams. Who better to host and guide our show then an Olympic Silver Medalist? Helen has truly made it happen in her life as an elite athlete who has won over 20 international World Cup medals as a pilot for Canada's National Bobsleigh team. She uses her drive to succeed and push the limits along with her amazing and fun personality to help guide us through these amazing experiences we get to share with our show's stars.
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