Make it Happen Episodes


EPISODE #1 ( Week of October 15 ) 

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a REAL cowboy? Or what about being part of the greatest outdoor show on Earth? Otherwise known as the Calgary Stampede! It's all about entertainment and danger and TRUST me, our 2 stories have that covered as they try to make a name for themselves in the wild-wild west.

Find out if Johnny bucks up or bucks off or if Michelle can pull off the biggest two steppin flash mob in Stampede history! Saddle-up Canada!

Johnny tries to ride a bull. 

Michelle takes charge of a flash mob.


EPISODE #2 ( Week of October 22 ) 

Can you call yourself a proud Canadian if your business is a travel agency that specializes in "Bucket List Adventures" all over the world and you had no Canadian destinations on the list? Later in the show we help make Corinne Taylor's travel and work dreams come true all in one go. But up first in this episode, Joel Jackson is a brave BC firefighter that is desperate to try his hand at ocean fishing. After all, how can you live on Vancouver Island having never fished the open seas! Now the only thing his crew at the fire station can tease him about is whether or not he comes home empty handed. Let's see what's biting!

Joel learning to reel.

Corinne catches a wave.


EPISODE #3 ( Week of October 29 ) 

The world we live in today is getting faster and faster. Speed comes into play in Episode 3 as Laura Parry is looking for love through speed dating. Will she hit a speed bump or be on the fast track to finding Prince Charming? From speedy dates to speedy cars, Jordan Hertner’s need for speed is met when she gets behind the wheel of an race car. Buckle up, we’re gonna go fast!

Laura on a speed date.

Jordan gets ready to race!


EPISODE #4 ( Week of November 12 ) 

East meets West in Episode 4 as Ontario native Corrine Taylor has to say good bye to her new found west coast way of life. Meanwhile, prairie girl Rachel Tynan heads East for a kayaking trip she won’t soon forget. What better way to experience the water than with four time Olympian Adam van Koeverden, fresh off his silver medal performance at the London Olympic Games? We’re getting wet and wild across the country!

Rachel learns from an Olympic medalist.

Corrine says goodbye to the West Coast.


EPISODE #5 ( Week of November 19 ) 

Who says it’s a man’s world? Episode 5 is all about girl power. Mother-daughter duo, Angela West-Roots and Adrianna West-Roots trade their hand bags for hand guns at the Nanaimo Fish and Game Club. Will they be able to handle the fire power? Drag race enthusiast Melinda Neil tries her hand at the typically male dominated sport and realizes there’s much more to it than just driving at top speed down the track. This one’s for the girls!

Adrianna fires a blast!

Melinda learns about racing cars.


EPISODE #6 ( Week of November 26 ) 

The only thing to fear is fear itself. Victoria Rizzuto has the problem most women have – fear of her own image looking back at her in the mirror. If she wants to meet her goal of becoming a fitness model, she’ll have to work hard and train even harder. The boys of Canada’s Bobsleigh team know all about training hard, and after a horrific crash last season, they’re about to face their doubts and fears by getting back into the sled. It’s time to go for the Gold!


Victoria wants to improve her self-image.


Canadian Bobsleigh Team goes for it.


EPISODE #7 ( Week of December 10 ) 

There’s nothing like living the high life. Unless you’re Dustin Morris, whose fear of heights impacts his daily life. Where do you take someone to get over their Acrophobia? The 626 foot Calgary Tower with its glass floor of course! We’ll also check in with Laura Parry and the dating scene - speed dating was a flop, but maybe she’ll have better luck on a blind date and if you're wondering how Rachel wrapped up her Ontario trip, you'll have to tune in to find out. Open your eyes, we’re reaching for new heights!

Dustin looks a long way down.

Laura is off to meet her blind date.


Rachel in Ontario.


EPISODE #8 ( Week of January 7 ) 

No excuses, no problems. Victoria Rizzuto is at the half way mark of her goal and is making strides with her training. Can a little kickboxing boost her confidence and push her into the homestretch? Dustin Morris conquered the Calgary Tower but what about actually flying high? His next challenge comes in the form of a glider plane. Blind golfer Doug Stoutley takes to the fairway and gives new meaning to the word handicap. What’s your excuse?


Victoria tries kickboxing.

Dustin flies in a glider.


EPISODE #9 ( Week of January 14 ) 

Today we focus on performance and our two guest hope to shine when the spotlight is on them. Melinda had only a few weeks to get her car ready for the Ford Mega weekend, and even with the help of the super friends, the task ahead seemed daunting. This week we check back to see if she’s ready to hit the start line or hit the brakes on the whole project. But Up first we meet Ryan who’s always wondered what it’s like to be a broadway star!


Ryan looks ready to Rock!

Melinda tries to drag race.


EPISODE #10 ( Week of January 21 ) 

We’ve seen Dustin conquer the Calgary tower, soar to new heights in a glider plane but has he fully overcome his fear? We put him to the test later in the show, you also won’t want to miss Krysten’s heartfelt story and she strives for great lengths, but first we help an aspiring TV broadcaster get her first break under the bright lights!


Dustin gears up.

Ceildh as a news anchor.

Cancer survivor Krysten runs a 1/2 marathon.

EPISODE #11 ( Week of February 11 ) 

Mind over matter - if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Victoria Rizzuto faces her final fitness test – will she confidently rock a swimsuit after starting new beginnings in Winnipeg? Paramedic and winter sport enthusiast Emily Arthurs takes a crack at her first summer sport – kite surfing in Vancouver. Can she calm her nerves enough to master the kite and get on the board? See if they’re able to Make It Happen!


Victoria is ready to rock a swimsuit!

Emily's view kite surfing.


EPISODE #12 ( Week of February 18 ) 

Episode 12 explores two very different types of animals. Cara-lee Hubbell gets a glimpse from the other side of the cage and moves from critter watcher to zoo keeper at the Calgary Zoo. Personal trainer Jenn Schmitz takes the first step in fulfilling her lifelong dream of becoming a police officer, as we take her through the process from tactical training to psychological assessments. Hang on, we’re getting wild and woolly!


Cara-lee as a zoo keeper.


Does Jenn go through with being tasered?.


EPISODE #13 ( Week of February 25) 

We’re sailing the high seas and soaring sky high! 72 year old grandmother Dinah Phillips attempts to honour a pact she made with her late brother....a paragliding adventure! Meanwhile, Ian Lloyd takes his crew of rookies to the open water for the Swift Sure Race in Victoria. Can the newbies handle the ocean or will it be a trip to the bottom of the Pacific? From floating on air to floating on the tide, we’ve got the horizons covered.

Dinah on top of the World.

Ian and crew in the Swift Sure Sailing Race.