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  • Expanding the horizons of Vancouver artists and audiences - website   
  • Featuring lion dances, cultural dance troupes, marching bands - website   
  • Empowering and promoting African inspired fashion & arts - website   
  • An exhibition with a selection of Punjabi voices - website 
  • More than 110 historical Indigenous artworks - website  
  • On Shaw Multicultural  - Story of the richest family in the Qing Dynasty
  • On Shaw Multicultural  - Long lost brothers reunite and make their way together
  • On Shaw Multicultural - Caribbean and African Culture from Metro Vancouver
  • Channel 4 - Metro Vancouver 

    Channel 10 - Calgary
    Channel 901 - Blue Sky 

  • PuSh Festival 2020

    January 21 - Feb. 9 

  • Spring Festival Parade

    January 26 - 11am 

  • AFAM Van. Fashion Show

    February 15th - 4 & 7pm 

  • Being Punjabi - Museum of Surrey

    Now until Feb. 23, 2020 

  • In A Different Light

    Now until Summer 2020 

  • Ancient Chinese Drama

    Weekdays at 1:00pm & 7:30pm PST 

  • Mac & Chiz

    Saturdays at 10:30pm PST 

  • Join Rasta Mike for Caribbean Fusion

    Fri. 8pm & Sun. 10am  PST 


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Shaw Multicultural Channel features original and encore programming from Canada and around the world in more than 18 languages.

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