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Introducing Shaw Go WiFi

The Internet you love has gone out on the town.

As a Shaw Internet customer, you can access a huge network of super-fast Shaw Go WiFi hotspots all over your city for no additional cost. So you can stay connected, whether you're sipping a latte, waiting for a train, or heading to the gym.

What's so great about Shaw Go WiFi?

Log in once.
Connect forever.

Once your device is registered, it will connect automatically whenever you're in a Shaw Go WiFi hotspot.

Get speedy
on the fly.

Extend your Shaw Internet experience beyond your home to many of your favourite places.

Save your data,
and your dollars.

Surf and stream to your heart's content without worrying about going over your data limit.

How to log in to Shaw Go WiFi

You'll need to be in a Shaw Go WiFi hotspot and use your email address and password. Do you have one?

Yes, I have an email

Great! Just follow these steps:


Access the network / WiFi settings on your device.


Select ShawOpen from the list of wireless networks.


Open your web browser.


Sign in using your email address and password.

No. How can I get one?

You'll need one to log in. Just follow these steps:


If you have your Shaw account number handy, you can get an email address online at the Customer Centre.


You can call 1-866-429-9568 (24/7) and a customer service rep will set one up for you.


Access the network / WiFi settings on your device.


Select ShawOpen from the list of wireless networks.


Open your web browser.


Sign in using your email address and password.

Not a Shaw Internet customer?

Switching has never been easier. View our Internet packages, or call 1-888-899-0178. Switch today, and we'll make sure you won't miss a thing.

The connection you want, in the places you want it.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How many different devices can I connect with?

    Depending on your Internet service with Shaw, you can connect up to 10 devices as follows.

    • High speed 10 - 3 devices
    • High speed 20 - 6 devices
    • High speed 25 - 6 devices
    • Broadband 50 - 10 devices
    • Broadband 100 - 10 devices
    • Broadband 250 - 10 devices
    • High Speed Lite - 1 device
    • High Speed - 3 devices
    • Extreme - 6 devices
    • Warp - 10 device
    • Nitro - 10 devices
  • Will it cost extra to use Shaw Go WiFi?

    No, costs will be included as part of your Shaw residential Internet package.

  • Will I have to enter in my log-in credentials every time I want to connect to Shaw Go WiFi?

    As a Shaw residential Internet customer you can register your devices to experience seamless access without the need to sign in again. The number of devices you can register depends on your Internet package. If you would like to use additional devices beyond what is included with your Internet package, you will need to sign in each time.

  • How much data can I use with Shaw Go WiFi?

    Any data used while connected to Shaw Go WiFi will contribute to the data included with your Internet package you subscribe to at home (i.e. Broadband 50).


Shaw Go WiFi finder app

Use this free app to locate Shaw Go WiFi hotspots.

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