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Personal Home Phone<sup>&#8853;</sup> Personal Home Phone + Features<sup>&#8853;</sup>

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Want a simple voice plan. Enjoy free Shaw-to-Shaw Long Distance calling, plus:

  • Call Display
  • Call Forwarding
  • 3-Way Calling

Want a robust voice plan that includes unlimited North American Long Distance calling, plus:

  • Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Display


$ 35 0* /MO
$ 55 0* /MO
3-Way Calling available available
711 Message Relay available available
Anonymous Call Blocking available available
Busy Redial available available
Call Display available available
Call Forward available available
Call Return available available
Complimentary Directory Assistance available available
Do Not Disturb available available
Enhanced 911 available available
IP Relay available available
Phone Service available available
Operator Assistance available available
Selective Call Blocking available available
Shaw to Shaw long distance calling◊ available available
Simultaneous Ring available available
Distinctive Ring
4.0 /MO*
Second Line
10.0 /MO*
10.0 /MO*
Voicemail & Call Waiting
6.0 /MO*
Long distance
250 Minutes North American Long Distance
$ 5 /MO*
Unlimited long distance within Canada and the U.S. included
500 Minutes North American Long Distance
$ 10 /MO*
Unlimited long distance within Canada and the U.S. included
1000 international long distance minutes Only available with the
Personal Home Phone +
Features plan
$ 5 /MO*
Asia Unlimited
$ 7 /MO*
$ 7 /MO*
India Unlimited
$ 10 /MO*
$ 10 /MO*
Long distance calling to other countries at competitive rates available available
Long distance calling within North America
Unlimited North American calling included
Unlimited long distance within Canada and the U.S.π - available
$ 35 0* /MO
$ 55 0* /MO

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