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Family Channel

With shows from Family, Family Jr. and CHRGD, there is something for everyone

Family and F2N connect tweens and teens with live action series and movies that speak to their daily lives. Family Jr. inspires its preschool audience to let their imaginations take flight with its world-renowned Canadian productions and countless characters from much-loved preschool brands, and Family CHRGD has an entertaining mix of animation and live action series, movies, and specials for kids that keep boredom at bay. All available free and exclusive to channel subscribers.


  • Live streaming: Live TV is linked to the Eastern feeds of the channels, allowing subscribers to see content from Family, Family Jr., Family CHRGD and F2N, synced with the on-air broadcast.
  • On Demand Streaming: Allows subscribers to watch their favourite series from all the Family networks, whenever they want.
  • Download to Go: Subscribers can download shows to their device so they can watch offline without an Internet connection.
  • Add to Favourites: Allows subscribers to keep track of their personal curated list of favourite shows by channel.
  • Season Stacking: Provides not only the latest episodes, but full seasons of favourite shows. In some cases, subscribers can access multiple seasons, or the entire library of hit Family network shows.
  • Parental Controls: Allows parents and guardians to lock content from a specific channel, to ensure the viewing experience is suitable for their children.




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