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Hollywood Suite GO

Catch your favourite Hollywood movies uncut and on the go.

Hollywood Suite

If you love movies, you?ll love Hollywood Suite GO

Enjoy unlimited access to the movies that shaped the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s whenever and wherever you want with the Hollywood Suite GO app! Reconnect with a favourite film, or discover a new one?there?s always something to watch.

The Hollywood Suite GO app features a customizable watchlist and notification options that keep you informed about new movies and collections. And the best part is, it?s included with your Hollywood Suite subscription!

Use Shaw Go WiFi to take Shaw Go even further.

Top benefits

  • Watch four channels: Stream HD movies from WarnerFilms, MGM Channel, Sony Movie Channel and AXN Movies.
  • Uninterrupted entertainment: Enjoy uncut and commercial-free HD movies.
  • Save to Watchlist: Save the movies you want to watch for later to your customizable Watchlist.
  • Get notification alerts: Subscribe to receive updates when new collections and other special programming events are available.
  • Get social: Easily see what your friends are watching and share what you?re watching on Facebook and Twitter.




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