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Catch your favourite sports on the go


Every kick-off, puck drop and first pitch

Download the latest Sportsnet app to watch even more of your favourite sports on the go.

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Top benefits

  • Watch live TV on multiple devices: Simultaneously stream live sporting events on up to four mobile devices, so multiple family members can tune in to what they want, wherever they want.
  • Get live updates: Catch live coverage of top sports, including: NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, CFL, MLS, curling, golf, tennis and more.
  • Follow your favourite teams: Get fast and easy access to the latest scores, statistics, news, videos and team rosters.
  • Action you can?t miss: Watch the latest video highlights, analysis, and clips from Sportsnet shows, including: Tim and Sid, Baseball Central and Ron and Don.
  • Listen to radio shows: Listen live and on-demand to Sportsnet 590 and Sportsnet 960 radio programs, including: Prime Time Sports and the Boomer and Warrener Show.
  • Notification alerts: Subscribe to receive Breaking News, League News, NHL Goal Highlights and other handy game announcements.




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