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BlueCurve Pods

Near, far, WiFi wherever you are

Pods14 work seamlessly with your BlueCurve Gateway to get rid of dead spots in your network.

Connect in those hard to reach places

Your Pods help create a mesh WiFi network that blankets your home to eliminate dead spots and get you coverage in more places.
A three pack of BlueCurve Pods next to a BlueCurve Gateway modem.

No power tools. No fiddling. No hassle.

Just plug in each Pod and activate with the BlueCurve Home app. Once installed, the Pods know how to take care of themselves to make sure you get the best performance.
The Pod activation screen for the BlueCurve Home app alongside a Pod.

Manage it all with a tap

Need to activate a new Pod? Pause WiFi access during dinner? The BlueCurve Home app lets you manage your network from anywhere, even when you're away from home.
Tablet with BlueCurve home app on screen

Get your Pods

Step 1: Get Shaw Internet with BlueCurve

Your plan comes with the BlueCurve Gateway. Test its range and see where you need more coverage.

Step 2: Check availability and order your Pods

Pods are available14 in packs of three for $10/mo1. At this time, you can only get a total of nine pods.

Step 3: Install and activate Pods yourself

Plug in each pod and activate with the Home app. It's as simple as that.

Get the coverage you need

Available14 in packs of three for $10/mo1. Not yet available in Manitoba or Ontario.

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