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Whether you’re at home or on the go, Network Security gives you comprehensive cyber security that protects you from cyber threats.
A smartphone displaying a shield icon to show that it’s protected by BlueCurve Network Security.


Attackers use several methods to steal your files, information and identity, or even attempt to takeover your device. Network Security helps defend your network and devices from these threats.


Malicious software and websites that stop you from being able to access files on your device, unless you pay a ransom.


Attempts to take control of your devices or network, or to access secure information or files on your devices.

Internet of Things

Refers to smart devices like smart TVs and cameras. If they’re unsecure, they can help attackers access your network.


Stream securely. Browse wisely. Binge safely. Network Security protects your network at home while McAfee® Multi Access protects up to 10 devices while you’re on the go.
Young man at home delighted by how easy BlueCurve Network Security is to install on his smartphone.

Easy set up

No complicated codes to remember or fiddling with your hardware. Just download the BlueCurve Home app and it takes care of everything to ensure your network is secure.
Two young boys at a cabin securely reviewing photos on a tablet.

Protection in real-time

Thanks to advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, Network Security learns to automatically block unauthorized access and suspicious activity.
Up close look at the BlueCurve Network Interface as a woman checks on her device usage.

All the info you need

A simple dashboard gives you access to everything from a snapshot of all the devices connected to your network to comprehensive daily reports on all cyber threats.
User at their desk, working on their laptop


Even when you’re not home, Network Security protects all your devices from online threats using the power of McAfee® Multi Access.
User at their desk, working on their laptop

Network Security

For just $6/mo,44 get comprehensive cyber security for your home network and protection for up to 10 devices44 with McAfee® Multi Access. A Fibre+ Gateway modem, as well as a laptop and tablet displaying a shield icon to show they’re protected by Network Security.

Fibre+ 750

Experience the speed of our Fibre+ network with up to 750 Mbps downloads9 and unlimited data.

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