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WiFi wherever you are

As a Rogers customer, you're connected. Easily register for WiFi Hotspots and connect automatically.
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Easily register your device.

Register your device to automatically connect to free WiFi when your device enters a Rogers WiFi Hotspot.

Top 3 reasons to love
Rogers WiFi Hotspots

100,000+ hotspots

Access Canada’s largest WiFi network at coffee shops, shopping malls, gyms, restaurants and more.

Connect any device

You can connect almost any WiFi device to Rogers WiFi Hotspots, including smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Fibre-powered network

Our fibre-powered network delivers the fastest WiFi speeds in Western Canada, so you can easily stay connected on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Check out the top Rogers WiFi Hotspots FAQ.

Why has Shaw Go WiFi been renamed?

The new name reflects that Rogers and Shaw have come together. The hotspots and the reliability you've come to expect with Shaw aren't changing, we'll just be using a new name.

Which Rogers WiFi Hotspot network should I use?

If you’re an Internet customer using an iOS device with iOS 8 or higher, you can register to use the RogersHotspot WiFi network. During registration, you may be instructed to download a profile to your phone.

If you’re not a current customer, or using a non-iOS device (or an iOS device using iOS 7 or lower), you can use the RogersOpen WiFi network.

How do I register for Rogers WiFi Hotspots?

If you need to register an iOS device using iOS 8 or higher, visit

If you are registering a non-iOS device (or IOS device using iOS 7 or lower), including MacBooks, laptops and tablets, you will need to visit a Hotspot to register your device.

Non-customers can register a device every seven days.

Find a hotspot

Do I need to register my device every time I connect to a Hotspot?

You only need to register a device once, and after registration it will automatically connect to WiFi every time it enters a Rogers WiFi hotspot.

Why can’t I connect to the Rogers WiFi Hotspots network?

Check your device has cookies enabled in your devices' settings or browser.

You can visit My Shaw to manage your devices and to check you’re not at your device limit.

If you’re not a customer and have already registered a device, you will need to wait until the end of your 7-day trial to register again.

Need more help? View Shaw Go WiFi Support page

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