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WiFi that shines in every nook and cranny.

Get the WiFi coverage you need everywhere in your home with Fibre+ WiFi Pods.

Extend your
WiFi network.

Pods use mesh technology to work together with your modem to expand your existing WiFi network.

Just plug-and-play.

Fibre+ WiFi Pods are quick and easy for you to install. Simply plug in and use the BlueCurve Home app to set up in a flash.

3 reasons to get
Fibre+ WiFi Pods.

WiFi in every corner

You want to boost the WiFi signal in areas of your home with weak or no signal.

Multiple rooms or floors

Your home has 2+ bedrooms, is on multiple floors, or has an unusual layout.

Uninterrupted WiFi

You want to stay connected as you move around your home, including the balcony or garage.

Add Fibre+ WiFi Pods.

Residents of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan receive three mini pods, and residents of Manitoba and Ontario receive one large pod.

$ 10 /mo 1

Learn more about our Pods.

If you already have our Fibre+ WiFi Pods and are looking for more technical info,
Shaw Support has you covered.

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