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Free WiFi on the go
Register your mobile device for Rogers WiFi Hotspots and auto connect every time your device enters a hotspot.

How to register.

Customers using iPhone

If you’re using iOS 8 or higher, you can register for Rogers WiFi Hotspots from anywhere.

Guests, or customers not using iPhone

If you’re using an Android device, a laptop or iOS 7 or lower, visit a Rogers WiFi Hotspot to get started.

More reasons to love Shaw.

Ignite Internet & Streaming

Ignite Streaming is included for up to 24 months with gigabit speeds and faster.72 Get all-in-one streaming with Ignite Internet’s reliability and speeds up to 1.5 Gbps9. Ignite TV

Bundle & save on Ignite Internet & TV

Get Ignite Internet’s speed and reliability plus your streaming apps and live TV all in one place. You can even control your entertainment with the Voice Remote or watch anywhere with the Ignite TV app. Sportsnet TV

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