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Rogers Connected
for Success

Rogers together with Shaw means more affordable connectivity options across Canada. Connected for Success reduces barriers by making high speed, low-cost Ignite Internet, TV bundles and mobile plans more accessible to eligible households receiving social assistance.

A person has a child on their shoulders. Together they are straightening a picture in their new home.

Bringing Canada’s
potential online

Thanks to Rogers & Shaw coming together, Connected for Success has expanded westward. High speed, low-cost Ignite Internet, TV bundles and mobile plans are now available to those who are eligible across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.
Old man on the computer

Who’s eligible?

We’ve partnered with federal and provincial social assistance programs to make affordable home internet, mobile plans and TV bundles available to eligible seniors, families and individuals.

All internet and TV plans include no installation fee and no-cost modem rental.

woman with her child on the computer

Helping Canadians connect

Online school, working from home, or unlocking new potentials—high speed internet is vital for daily life in Canada. Connected for Success makes affordable home internet, TV bundles and mobile plans available to over 2.5 million people in Canada experiencing low income.
kids and two women on the computer and tablet

Space to learn

490,000 households with children in Canada do not have access to internet.60 Whether it’s connecting kids to classrooms, or parents to new skills, reliable home internet makes brighter futures a reality.
person on his phone and computer

Opportunity to work

Over 39% of Canadians worked from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.61 Affordable home internet provides the connectivity people need to participate in Canada’s increasingly digital economy.

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