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Move your services in a flash.

Moving services to your new home is easy and stress-free with Shaw. Just let us know when you’re moving and we’ll take care of the rest.

A person has a child on their shoulders. Together they are straightening a picture in their new home.

You do the unpacking.
We’ll do the installing.

Our technicians will install, test and optimize all your Shaw services for your smart home on moving day. They’ll even tell you where to place your equipment for the best connection for all your devices.

Book 2-4 weeks before you move.

The best time to contact us is 2-4 weeks before your move. If you’re a little late, don’t worry, contact us today and we’ll get things started right away. If you’re a little early, take a look at our moving checklist for moving tips.

Relax. We’ve got this.

Let our experts worry about moving your Shaw services for you, while you get on with the packing. Call us at 1-888-472-2222 or choose one of the following options:
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Moving FAQ

How far in advance should I book my move?

2-4 weeks' notice is recommended to ensure we can schedule the exact time and date that works for you.

Can I change my services or upgrade my plan during a move?

Absolutely. Moving is the perfect time to review your services, especially as your needs may change for your new address.

I’m with a different provider. Can I get Shaw at my new home?

Totally. Switching to Shaw is easy. We have a plan for every budget and our team can help you find the perfect plan for your new home.

Can I install my own equipment?

Our technicians will install, test and optimize all your Shaw services for you at your new home to ensure everything works at peak performance. If you’d prefer to install your equipment yourself, please ask the agent if it’s possible.

What info do I need to provide?

Our team will ask you for your:

  • Move-out date
  • Current address
  • New address
  • Move-in date

To help pick the best plan for your new home, our agents may also ask how many TVs you will have at your new home or how many people will be connected to your Internet at the same time.


We're here to help

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