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Introducing the best WiFi experience.

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Go farther. Handle more. Control it all with a tap. From wall to wall coverage to a hub for all your smart devices, BlueCurve is the new home WiFi experience that lets you do it all.

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Shaw Home

Tell your WiFi to smarten up

Control your WiFi by setting usage limits, parental controls, dinner and bedtime schedules – all by user profile or device with the BlueCurve Home app.

Image Shaw BlueCurve Gateway

BlueCurve Gateway

WiFi when you WantFi

More coverage. More control. More speed. The BlueCurve Gateway unlocks our best home WiFi experience.

Image Shaw BlueCurve Gateway

BlueCurve Pods

WiFi in every nook and cranny

Expand your WiFi coverage and help eliminate dead spots using the latest mesh technology with BlueCurve Pods.

Image Shaw BlueCurve Gateway

Shaw Go WiFi

WiFi you can take with you

Why worry about data limits? Welcome to Canada’s largest WiFi network. With access to over 100,000 hotspots, Shaw Go WiFi keeps you connected while you’re on the go.

Image Shaw BlueCurve Gateway
Image Shaw BlueCurve Gateway

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