Record six HD shows at once

One standalone HDPVR that connects directly to your TV and can grow with your household for a whole home experience.

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Watch Gateway video
Record up to six shows at once.

All your recordings
All your TVs

No one in your family will ever miss a thing. Even when a NHL playoff game, season finale and kids movies are all on at the same time.


Stop a recorded
show in one room


Pick it up
in another

So you won't miss a thing.

Find out how it works

All your programming. Lightning fast.

Stop Live Tv

Pause and rewind
live TV

With Portals, you can pause a show in one room and pick it up in another.

More Space

More space for more
movies and shows

Record up to 75 hours of HD shows, ready to watch whenever you want

All You Can Handle

The entire Shaw On Demand Library at your fingertips

Gateway gives you access to over
10,000 Shaw On Demand movie titles
and TV episodes.

Shaw On Demand

It's easier than ever to find what's on

Control your Gateway from anywhere

Control your Gateway
from anywhere

With the Shaw Go Gateway app,
set and manage recording, browse
the guide, and more, from anywhere.

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Your favourites are always there for you

Your favourites are
always there for you

Build and save your favourites list by browsing shows, channels or even filters like sports, HD or kids.

What Your Show

Watch your show while browsing what's on

See it all. With the guide open in the preview window, you can watch your show while you browse what to
watch next.

Find your shows fast

Find your shows fast

Easily search and find programs you want to watch. See what's playing now, what's coming up, what's recorded and what's on Shaw On Demand.

Searching with Gateway
Parental settings put every TV under your command

Parental settings put every
TV under your command

Block certain programs from appearing on one TV, like in the family room, but unblock them in another, like your room.

Changing Gateway settings
Cut the clutter

Cut the clutter

Remove channels you never watch to make it easier to find the ones you do.

Gateway HDPVR

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