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BlueSky TV, now with YouTube. From your favourite viral videos to sports to the hottest shows, find it all in one place.

Voice-powered TV.

Find your favourite actors, teams, shows, movies and channels faster than ever.
Just press the button on the remote, say what you want, then see it.


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BlueSky TV + Netflix
All your entertainment in one place

Access Netflix through BlueSky TV

Netflix movies and 4K TV shows are fully integrated into your BlueSky TV experience. Simply sign in to Netflix via the Apps section, and use your existing Netflix username and password.

Search Netflix favourites using your voice

Just say "Our Planet" and start watching.

TV that's ready when you are

BlueSky TV is more than just TV. FreeRange TV, Netflix and YouTube integration.

More than just TV

  • With Netflix integration, you get access to the entire Netflix library, including Netflix Originals, and 4K shows and movies.
  • User the power of your voice to search for your favourite channels, how-to videos and 4K content on YouTube
BlueSky TV whole-home PVR

Record now, watch later

  • The BlueSky TV whole-home PVR lets you record live TV, or upcoming shows
  • Start watching on one TV, pick up where you left off on another
  • Record and watch up to six shows at once
  • Up to 500GB of storage
Fun for kids, peace of mind for parents

Fun for kids, peace of mind for parents

  • New parental controls ensure kids 12 and under see only appropriate content
  • An optional PIN prevents your kids from making purchases or from exiting Kids Zone
  • Review unbiased program descriptions from other parents, limit content access, or restrict viewing to certain hours and days